U3A Reykjavík. University of the Third Age. English.

English version of the U3A.is project. u3a.is

U3A Reykjavík is an independent association of people in their “third age”. The U3A abbreviation refers to the University of the Third Age, an international movement, with millions of members worldwide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/University_of_the_Third_Age

The goal of the U3A is to provide a forum for lifelong learning by sharing knowledge, experience, and a stimulating and active life.  U3A Reykjavík, https://u3a.is/ , is the first U3A in Iceland, established in 2012. A total of 31 members joined the U3A Reykjavík during the first year, with a steady increasing membership, towards approximately 1000 members ten years later.  A second U3A in Iceland, U3A Suðurnes, was founded in 2017.

Any definition of the Third Age concept is vague, while it coincides roughly with an optional or forced retirement age. Currently, most members are between 60 and 90 years old, but membership is open to anyone, irrespective of age. Residence is not an issue, either, when applying for a membership in U3A Reykjavik. The association’s lawful domicile is in Reykjavik.

U3A Reykjavík is not directly affiliated with any of the Icelandic universities, while many academics have provided inspiring lectures on various topics. Therefore, for the U3A members, academic background is not relevant, and no exams applied. Vital here is curiosity, the interest in accumulating knowledge, both within and outside each member’s traditional frames of reference.  

During winter, from September through May, members meet in Hæðargarður 31, one of the Reykjavík Service Centres, on Tuesdays, at 16:30, for a presentation of some interesting subject. The presentation is streamed to members via Zoom, and a recording of the presentation available for U3A members for a week. The first Tuesday meet of the season is dedicated to accumulating ideas for subjects, presenters, and visits. When planning the winter months, these ideas greatly benefit the executive board.

On the website https://u3a.is/ notifications on the Tuesday presentations, planned tours and events, are accessible, in addition to various information on the U3A, registration, annual fee, et cetera.

An independent website VT (the Warehouse of Opportunities) https://voruhus-taekifaeranna.is/, provides information on various activities and information on opportunities that might interest and assist people in the third age. The Warehouse, an offspring of an earlier U3A’s European cooperation, with own board and finances, is a branch of U3A Reykjavik, open to the public with a monthly newsletter.

Welcome to the U3A Reykjavík!

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